Phones have changed the way we live. We carry it with us all day and depend on it for countless tasks. While it is stthethill foremost a communications tool, it is now so much more thanks to increased computing power and innovative technologies.

Unlock a person’s phone and you will be able to see details of daily activities. This can reveal habits, contact persons, frequented locations, work status, and so on. TheTruthSpy is a mobile app that you can download and install to discover these secrets. It works on both the Android and the iPhone platforms.


Common Applications of The Truth Spy

1. Parental Control

A lot of parents are worried about their children. As they grow up, they often stay out of the home for longer. They meet unfamiliar people and can sometimes get into dangerous activities. Parents may check on their children remotely using the app. This can give them peace of mind even if their kids are far away. They can always see who they are talking to, what they are talking about, and where they exactly are. Tracking a cell phone is easy with this piece of software.


2. Employee Monitoring

It can also be used by a company to monitor their employees. Some businesses give work phones for their staff to facilitate their tasks. These are usually meant to be used specifically for business purposes since the company shoulders all related expenses. Managers can ensure that the rules are being complied with using the app. If there are any violations, then they can take the appropriate action.

Although the app may be pre-installed and is undetectable, it will be best to let the employees know about its existence as an incentive to follow the guidelines.


3. Spouse Observation

Trust can break down in a relationship no matter how long it has been in existence. It is a fact of life that even married people can get attracted to others. Sometimes this attraction is shallow and not acted upon. At other times, it can be strong and can lead to the dissolution of the marriage.

Cheating carries many serious implications including financial consequences. Suspicious spouses cannot be blamed for wanting to make sure that their partner is being honest in their whereabouts and the company they keep.


Major Features

Go to The Truth Spy site to learn all of the features of this app or read the reviews to see how users like it. You may even post your own review once you have tested it yourself. Below are some of the most compelling features of this software:

1. Ambient Listening

This app can control the mic to capture ambient sound. It is possible to make a hidden call and listen in real-time. This essentially turns any phone into a bugging device — a real phone spy.

2. Live Call Recording

It can also record calls and place the audio file in a hidden folder. Users can set a number that will trigger automatic recording. The files will be uploaded to a web account for easy access.

3. WhatsApp Spy

Even chat logs can be accessed with this app. The same is true with social media accounts like Facebook. Other text-based communications like SMS may also be read.