There is a growing need to monitor cell phone activities. Parents desperately needed an app that helps in tracking a cell phone, so they can keep a check on their children spending hours on their smarts phone accessing WhatsApp or using their Android phones to download apps.

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Companies wanted a mechanism through which they can keep a check on their employees using Facebook, SMS, or other software that might compromise on the important information and secrets of the company. Thetruthspy is the solution to cell phone tracking. This app is a spyware for iPhone and Android, and it enables a person to monitor the activities of the cell phone secretly.


How Thetruthspy Works?

The app has a notable following. There are several reviews applauding the functionality of the app in android phone, and iPhone review also cements the phone spy application acceptance.

So how does it work? The process to install this app is simple. It comes with a disclaimer that the person who installs this application on the cell phone must own the cell phone and have the authority to install this app. When the app is installed, the truth spy apps conceal itself on the phone it is installed in. The app also creates thetruthspy online account for its user and the system is set to implement itself.


No More Mistakes With The Truth Spy

Unlike most apps that claim to spy cell phones and are easily traceable, thetruthspy is completely hidden on the target device and is linked to a user account which the user gets complete access to. The software will record all activities such as SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook monitoring. It will regularly report the activities on the private account of the user and there is no way for the target device to know that all goings-on are recorded at the user end, and everything remains in user control.


Using the App

Thetruthspy is available both for the Android and apple system. The app has a limited free trial period offer of 48 hours to allow the users to run the app before making a purchase. The standard package for thetruthspy is set at $21.99 a month. The standard package has limited features, and to get all the features users are offered the gold package at $30.99 a month.

A gold plan allows the user to do location tracking, SMS tracking, Call tracking, Internet Browsing Monitoring, Social Media spying, and other important accesses to the target device.


Is Thetruthspy Worth the Hype?

Most reviews of the app are applauding this system. The support staff and programmers behind the app are highly responsive, and customer support is available 24/7 to the users of this app. The free trial is a lucrative chance for people to test this app and see its benefits firsthand.

Moreover, the app comes with a money back guarantee of 5 days. The app is limited to Android and Apple system so far. It has not branched out to other OS, however, with all its feature, it remains a better option in mobile tracing applications.